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Generally, on confidence, advocates are conducting cases on behalf of the clients.

on so many occasions, the adovates are discharging their duties on oral instructions of their respective clients.

now the things have changed . some of the clients are also sending  wrong signals against their  advocates .

their lord ships of apex court even though  upheld that the vakalt is sufficient to show the authority for entering   compromise on behalf of the clients. specifically gave signals to obtain written consent from the clients. and categorically upheld that every compromise documents must be duly signed by the parties to the case.

to safe guard the dignity and honor of the advocate, advocate must obtain the written consent while entering the compromise etc.,

in the same manner, their lordships of apex court dismissed the allegations of the clients , made against their advocate who entered the compromise before the high court with out obtaining written consent.

in the words of apex court –

We may, however, hasten to add that it will be prudent for counsel not to act on implied authority except when warranted by the exigency of circumstances demanding immediate adjustment of suit by agreement or compromise and the signature of the party cannot be obtained without undue delay. In these days of easier and quicker communication, such contingency may seldom arise. A wise and careful counsel will no doubt arm himself in advance with the necessary authority expressed in writing to meet all such contingencies in order that neither his authority nor integrity is ever doubted. This essential precaution will safeguard the personal reputation of counsel as well as uphold the prestige and dignity of the legal profession.

so take care of you .

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