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time was essence of the contract and that the appellant did not pay the balance of the consideration, within the stipulated time. =The trial Court has also analyzed the evidence pertaining to the financial solvency of the appellant. It was observed that the appellant did not possess adequate means to pay the balance of consideration as on the date of filing of the suit much less the date stipulated for payment of balance of consideration. This Court does not find any substantial question of law nor is it inclined to interfere with the concurrent findings of fact.

THE HON’BLE SRI JUSTICE L.NARASIMHA REDDY Second Appeal No.587 OF 2011 20-06-2011 Komatireddy Buchi Reddy Pannala Narsimha Reddy COUNSEL FOR PETITIONER: Sri G.Machusudhan Reddy COUNSEL FOR RESPONDENT: N.Ramachandra Rao :JUDGMENT: The appellant filed O.S.No.50 of 2002 in the Court of the Senior Civil Judge, Bhongir against the respondent for the relief of specific performance of … Continue reading

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