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Section 72 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1881= “Whether the work of quality audit of roads or work of similar nature involves “the execution of any work or supply of any materials or goods” within the meaning of Section 72 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, 1881 and can be awarded by the Commissioner only by inviting tenders, as contemplated by that provision?”= In the result, our answers to the question referred by the Division Bench is as under: “The work of quality audit of roads or work of similar nature to be done by a person who must enjoy trust and confidence of the public authority is not covered by the expression “the execution of any work or supply of any materials or goods” within the meaning of Subsection (1) of Section 72 of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act, Hence, it is not necessary for Municipal Commissioner to assign such work only by inviting tenders as contemplated by the proviso, i.e. sub-section (3) of Section 72 of the said Act.”

reported / published in http://bombayhighcourt.nic.in/judgements/2012/&fname=OSWP1312.pdf&smflag=N     Bombay High Court kambli 1 PIL-9.12 dt.12-12-12 IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY. ORDINARY ORIGINAL CIVIL JURISDICTION PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION NO.9 OF 2012 … Niyaz Ahmed Vanu …Petitioner v/s. 1.Municipal Corporation of Gr.Mumbai (M.C.G.M.) 2.The Municipal Commissioner, (M.C.G.M.) 3.The Chief Engineer (Roads Transport & Bridges) (M.C.G.M.) 4.M/s.SGS … Continue reading

whether the deceased daughters can be treated as coparceners after the amendment of Hindu succession act“6. Devolution of interest in coparcenery property. – (1) On and   from  the   commencement   of   the   Hindu   Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005, in a Joint Hindu family governed by the Mitakshara law, the daughter of a coparcener shall, – (a) by birth become a coparcener in her own right in the same manner as the son; (b) have the same rights in the coparcenery property as she would have had if she had been a son;  (c)  be  subject  to  the  same liabilities  in respect  of the  said coparcenery property as that of a son, and any reference to a Hindu Mitakshara coparcener shall be6 AO.265.2011-AO.274.2011-AO.518.2011- AO.792.2011(JUDGMENT).sxw deemed to include a reference to a daughter of a coparcener: Provided that  nothing contained in this  sub­section shall affect  or  invalidate  any  disposition  or  alienation  including any partition or  testamentary disposition  of property which had taken place     before the 20 th        day of December, 2004.”  

1 AO.265.2011-AO.274.2011-AO.518.2011- AO.792.2011(JUDGMENT).sxw mnm IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY APPELLATE CIVIL JURISDICTION APPEAL FROM ORDER NO. 265 OF 2011 Sadashiv Sakharam Patil & Ors.  …Appellants Vs. Chandrakant Gopal Desale & Ors. …Respondents ALONGWITH APPEAL FROM ORDER NO. 274 OF 2011 M/s. Roma Builder Pvt. Ltd.  …Appellant Vs. Chandrakant Gopal Desale & Ors.  …Respondents ALONGWITH APPEAL FROM ORDER NO. 518 OF 2011 M/s. Nikhil Construction …Appellant Vs. Chandrakant Gopal Desale & Ors.  …Respondents ALONGWITH APPEAL FROM ORDER NO. 792 OF 2011 M/s.Darshan Enterprises  …Appellants Vs. Chandrakant Gopal Desale & Ors.  …Respondents Deepak Chitnis – Chiparikar & Co., for Appellants Mr. Sandesh Patil for Appellant in AO No.265/2011 Mr. P. Sakseria, Sr. Counsel a/w. Mr. Mayur Khandeparkar a/w.Mr. Ranjit Shetty a/w. Mr. Lucky Rai Indorkar, Mr. Aniket Nair i/b. M/s. Hariani & Co., for Respondent No.1 in AO.No.265/2011 AO No.274.2011, AO No.518.2011 & AO No.792/2011 Mr. R.S. Apte, Sr. Advocate a/w. Mr. G. Godre for Appellant in AO No.274/2011 & Respondent No.14 in AO NO.265/2011 Mr. Deepak Chitnis, Advocate for the Appellant in AO No.180.20112 AO.265.2011-AO.274.2011-AO.518.2011- AO.792.2011(JUDGMENT).sxw for Respondent No.13 in AO No.265/2011. Ms.   Sharin   Shaikh   i/b.   M/s.   … Continue reading

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