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Extra Judicial Confession – Apex court held that it is not open to any court to start with the presumption that extra-judicial confession is insufficient to convict the accused even though it is supported by the other circumstantial evidence and corroborated by independent witness which is the position in the instant case. The Courts cannot be unmindful of the legal position that even if the evidence relating to extra-judicial confession is found credible after being tested on the touchstone of credibility and acceptability, it can solely form the basis of conviction.and further held that we are not prepared to accept the plea that merely because one of the witnesses to the confessional statement did not support the confession in its entirety, the entire confession should be brushed aside as unreliable even though independent witness like the Village Administrative Officer had supported the recording of conviction.= BASKARAN & ANR. ..Appellants Versus STATE OF TAMIL NADU ..Respondent = 2014 (April. Part)http://judis.nic.in/supremecourt/filename=41478

Extra Judicial Confession – Apex court held that it is  not open  to any court to  start  with the presumption that extra-judicial confession is  insufficient  to  convict the accused even  though  it  is  supported  by  the  other   circumstantial evidence and  corroborated by independent  witness which is the position  in the instant case.   The Courts  cannot be unmindful  of … Continue reading

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