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Mandi fee = Glaxo India Ltd., set up an industrial unit at Aligarh for the manufacture of what is sold in the market under the brand names Glacto, Complan, Farex, Glucon D and other products generically called milk foods/weaning foods and energy beverages. It is not in dispute that the manufacturing process undertaken in the said unit produced ghee as a by- product of the said items. It is also not in dispute that with effect from 1st October, 1994, the Family Products Division of Glaxo India Ltd. was taken over by Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. who continued manufacturing the products mentioned above including ghee as a by-product of its manufacturing activity. 3. In terms of Section 17(iii) of the Act, sale of specified agricultural produce within the Mandi limits attracts levy of what is described as Mandi Fee from the person effecting the sale. The Mandi Samiti accordingly started demanding the said fee from Glaxo India Ltd., upto the year 1994 and from Heinz India Ltd., from 1994 onwards qua sales effected by the said two companies of its products including ghee. These demands were resisted by both the companies primarily on the ground that bulk of the ghee produced in their unit at Aligarh, if not the entire quantity, was sent out of the Mandi limits on stock transfer basis and that there was no sale involved in such transfers so as to attract the levy of the Mandi Fee on the same. As a matter of fact, orders passed by the Mandi Samiti and the Mandi Parishad show that sufficient opportunity was indeed afforded to the appellants and the matter had remained pending for a number of years before those authorities. 60. Mr. Chandra contended that the appellants had been requesting the authorities to indicate as to what kind of material would satisfy them but since the authorities had failed to respond to that query the appellant had not produced the bulk of the material which was relevant and available with them. We do not think that such a procedure was legally permissible or even called for in the facts and circumstances of the case. As to what material would be sufficient to prove the case of the party who goes to the Court for relief is a matter for the party or those in charge of its legal affairs to determine. No litigant can ask for guidelines from the Court or statutory body as to the evidence which the party should adduce to substantiate its claim. The query made by the appellants as to what material if adduced would satisfy the authorities was, therefore, misplaced and a red herring to say the least. This is particularly so when the appellants were in no way handicapped on account of lack of resources or capacity to get the best of legal advice. Companies with such tremendous resources as the appellants before us cannot find a shortcut to the discharge of their obligations under the law by asking the Court or the authority concerned to indicate as to what kind of evidence would be sufficient in its opinion to entitle them to the refund of the amount paid or payable towards market fee. 61. So also, no remand ought to be made only to enable a party to produce additional material. A remand is neither mechanical nor a routine affair. If there is nothing wrong in the orders under challenge, there is no question of interference with the same. There is no reason for this Court to set the clock back and start a process which would take the parties another decade or so to come to terms with the problem. 62. In the result these appeals as also W.P. (C) No.144/2005 fail and are hereby dismissed with cost assessed at Rs.15,000/- in each case.

REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO.1476 OF 2006   Heinz India Pvt. Ltd. & Anr. …Appellants Versus State of U.P. & Ors. …Respondents   (With Civil Appeal No.1478/2006, Civil Appeal No.1477/2006 and W.P. (C) No.144/2005)     J U D G M E N T T.S. THAKUR, J. … Continue reading

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