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medical negligence = It is a case of alleged medical negligence in the treatment of a 14 years old boy. On 20.9.1997, deceased Ujwal was operated upon for appendicitis. The operation was successful and his general condition was good through the day. At about 10 PM, after an injection, his condition suddenly worsened. The boy had to be put on the ventilator, slipped into hypoxia and eventually died on 25.9.1997. = if Fancuran was not injected and only Divon and Metrozyl were given (which as per the OPs, are not known to cause such reaction) what else could have caused the sudden deterioration in the condition of the patient on the night of the operation, 20.9.1997. The hospital and the treating doctors should have given a professionally acceptable answer to this question instead of relying on bland denials that Fancuran was not administered.

NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI   FIRST APPEAL NO. 287 OF 2006 (Against the order dated 30.12.2005 in CD No.14 of 1998 of the State Commission, Andhra Pradesh) 1. Gowri Gopal Hospital (A unit of Sree Janapriya Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.,), Budhawarpet, Kurnool- 518 002 rep. by its. Executive Director 2. Dr. Y. Satyanarayana, M.S. (G.S.) Prof. of Surgery and Civil Surgeon, … Continue reading

With regard to the damages for use and occupation of the premises in question after 31.3.2009, as the second option has not been given within the time prescribed under the lease deed, the second defendant can be said to be unauthorized tenant. Therefore the landlord is entitled to damages for use and occupation. 13. It is not in dispute that it is agreed between the parties that for every five years, there is an increase of 20% in the rent. If that is taken into consideration, certainly, the landlord is entitled to a sum of Rs.24,000/- per month towards damages for use and occupation of the premises in question by the defendants bank from 1.4.2009. Hence, the damages granted by the trial Court for use and occupation of the premises in question by the second defendant bank are modified, and the defendants are directed to pay damages @ Rs.24,000/- per month from 1.4.2009 till the date of vacating the premises. 14. The learned counsel for the appellants submitted that the appellants are doing banking operations in the premises in question and that there are many formalities and lengthy procedure for vacating the premises by the defendants bank i.e. they have to obtain permission from the Reserve Bank of India, and they have to secure suitable alternative accommodation for the bank, and hence, he prays to grant considerable time i.e. till the end of the year 2012, to vacate the premises in question. Considering the facts and circumstances of the case, reasonable time can be granted to the appellants/defendants to vacate the premises in question. 15. In the result, the Appeal Suit is dismissed, directing the appellants/defendants to vacate the suit schedule premises on or before 31.12.2012 and to pay Rs.24,000/- per month for use and occupation of the premises from 31.3.2009 till vacating the premises. It is also made clear that the appellant shall give an undertaking before the trial Court that they will vacate the premises in question on or before 31.12.2012. No costs.

THE HON’BLE SRI JUSTICE K.C.BHANU APPEAL SUIT NO. 558 OF 2011 12.09.2011 Between: Central Bank of India & another …Appellants And Kurnool Chit Funds Private Limited …Respondent THE HON’BLE SRI JUSTICE K.C.BHANU APPEAL SUIT NO. 558 OF 2011 JUDGMENT : 1.       This appeal has been filed challenging the judgment and decree dated 24.06.2011 in Original Suit … Continue reading

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