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Land Acquisition act = apex court confirmed the high court order in deducting 55 percent of the market value assessed on the basis of the exemplar sale deed, towards developmental charges, 5 percent towards waiting period, and 10 percent towards de-escalation.

1 “REPORTABLE” IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO. 1743 OF 2006 Chandrashekar (D) by LRs. and Others …. Appellants Versus Land Acquisition Officer and Another …. Respondents With CIVIL APPEAL NOS. 8899-8901 OF 2011 Basappa (D) & by LRs. and Others …. Appellants Versus Special Land Acquisition Officer, Gulbarga … Continue reading

LAND ACQUISITION COMPENSATION EXPERT OPINION-Shri Ravindra Ghanshyam Choudhari, who was examined by the appellants. This witness is a consultant in Agriculture and Horticulture. He personally visited the acquired land and gave the details of the trees standing on different parts of the land, their present and future age, condition, height, width, spread and annual fruit production capacity. The valuation made by him was amply supported by the market rates of fruits fixed by Agriculture and Horticulture Department of Government of Maharashtra. In the cross-examination, the witness stood by reports Exhibits 36 to 41 given by him. This being the position, the High Court had

NON-REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION C IVIL APPEAL NO. 5475 O F 2007 Chindha Fakira Patil (D) through L.Rs. … Appellant(s) Versus The Special Land Acquisition Officer, Jalgaon … Respondent With C IVIL APPEAL NO. 5477 O F 2007 C IVIL APPEAL NO. 5485 O F 2007 C IVIL APPEAL … Continue reading

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