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whether complaints filed by the respondents before the Consumer Forum constituted under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 were maintainable and; b) whether the Consumer Forum has jurisdiction to entertain a complaint filed by a consumer or any person against the assessment made under Section 126 of the Electricity Act, 2003 or action taken under Sections 135 to 140 of the Electricity Act, 2003.= (i) In case of inconsistency between the Electricity Act, 2003 and the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, the provisions of Consumer Protection Act will prevail, but ipso facto it will not vest the Consumer Forum with the power to redress any dispute with regard to the matters which do not come within the meaning of “service” as defined under Section 2(1)(o) or “complaint”as defined under Section 2(1)(c) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. (ii) A “complaint” against the assessment made by assessing officer under Section 126 or against the offences committed under Sections 135 to 140 of the Electricity Act, 2003 is not maintainable before a Consumer Forum. (iii) The Electricity Act, 2003 and the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 runs parallel for giving redressal to any person, who falls within the meaning of “consumer” under Section 2(1)(d) of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 or the Central Government or the State Government or association of consumers but it is limited to the dispute relating to “unfair trade practice” or a “restrictive trade practice adopted by the service provider”; or “if the consumer suffers from deficiency in service”; or “hazardous service”; or “the service provider has charged a price in excess of the price fixed by or under any law”. 48. For the reasons as mentioned above, we have no hesitation in setting aside the orders passed by the National Commission. They are accordingly set aside.

published in http://judis.nic.in/supremecourt/filename=40487 Page 1 1 REPORTABLE IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO.  5466  OF 2012 (arising out of SLP(C)No.35906  of 2011) U.P. POWER CORPORATION LTD. & ORS.          … APPELLANTS Versus ANIS AHMAD       … RESPONDENT With C.A.No. 5467­5468 of 2012 (@ SLP(C) No. 18284­18285 of 2008) C.A.No. 5469  of 2012 (@ SLP(C) No.14306 of 2009) C.A.No.  5470 of 2012 (@ SLP(C) No.33557 of 2011) C.A.No. 5471 of 2012 ( @ SLP(C) No.33558 of 2011) C.A.No. 5472 of 2012 ( @ SLP(C) No.33559 of 2011) C.A.No. 5473 of 2012 ( @ SLP(C) No.33560 of 2011) C.A.No.  5474 of 2012( @ SLP(C) No.33561 of 2011) C.A.No. 5475  of 2012 ( @ SLP(C) No.33562 of 2011) J U D G M E N T SUDHANSU JYOTI MUKHOPADHAYA, J. The questions involved in these appeals are; a) whether complaints   filed   by   the   respondents   before   the   Consumer Forum constituted under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 were   maintainable   and;   b)   whether   the   … Continue reading

goods damaged in transit = compensation = consumer foram=”……Any civilized system of law is bound to provide remedies for cases of what has been called unjust enrichment or unjust benefit, that is, to prevent a man from retaining the money of, or some benefit derived from, another which it is against conscience that he should keep. Such remedies in English law are generically different from remedies in contract or in tort, and are now recognized to fall within a third category of the common law which has been called quasi-contract or restitution.”

1 Reportable IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CIVIL APPEAL NO. 3546 OF 2006 M/s Nagpur Golden Transport Company (Regd.) … Appellant Versus M/s Nath Traders & Ors. … Respondents J U D G M E N T A. K. PATNAIK, J. This is an appeal by way of special leave under … Continue reading

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