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calls for a death sentence. = Regard being had to the totality of the circumstances, it cannot be said that imprisonment for life is inadequate and the circumstances are so grave that it calls for a death sentence. Consequently, the appeal filed by the accused appellants and the appeals filed by the State for enhancement of penalty and reversal of the judgment of acquittal rendered in favour of the accused persons are dismissed.

Page 1     Reportable IN THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTION CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1108 OF 2006 Kanhaiya Lal & Ors. ………..Appellants Versus State of Rajasthan ………Respondent WITH CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1109 OF 2006 State of Rajasthan ………Appellant Versus Mangi Lal ………Respondent WITH CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 1110 OF 2006 State of Rajasthan ………Appellant … Continue reading

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 : Section 16 as amended by Amendment Act 68 of 1976-Pre-conditions under S. 12 done away with-No need for declaration of earlier marriage as nullity- Consequentially as if the marriage had been valid, the child shall be legitimate whether it was born before or after the commencement of the Amending Act, 1976-Hence the child is entitled to her share in her father’s property. CIVIL APPELLATE JURISDICTION : Civil Appeal No. 1542 of 1975. =, 1996( 2 )SCR 322, 11996( 2 )SCC 567, 1996( 2 )SCALE382 , 1996( 5 )JT 664

PETITIONER: SMT. GURNAM KAUR & ANR. Vs. RESPONDENT: PURAN SINGH & ORS. DATE OF JUDGMENT: 08/02/1996 BENCH: RAMASWAMY, K. BENCH: RAMASWAMY, K. G.B. PATTANAIK (J) CITATION: 1996 SCC (2) 567 JT 1996 (5) 664 1996 SCALE (2)382 ACT: HEADNOTE: JUDGMENT: O R D E R In this appeal, the only question is whether the appellant … Continue reading

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