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When the delay was occurred due to modifications of the complainants, in constructing a house under a scheme, it cannot be attributed that the board failed to deliver the house as per the agreement=“Under such schemes by a public body the houses are constructed on contract basis and in every contract fix norms and specifications are mentioned in the agreement with the contractor. If any major changes are sought by the allotee, there has to be some modification in the terms and conditions in the agreement with the contractor. In such circumstances delay in giving the possession of the complete house cannot be attributed to the Housing Board and in our opinion it was the complainant who was responsible in getting the construction of the particular house in time and getting the possession. After taking the possession of the house without any protest the complainant cannot be allowed to put the entire blame on the Housing Board so as to claim any interest or solatium as per terms and conditions of the allotment under a particular scheme.”

NATIONAL CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION NEW DELHI   FIRST APPEAL NO. 471 OF 2011 (Against the order dated 22.9.2011 in Complaint Case No.68 of 2010 of the State Commission, Rajasthan) Dr. Veena Singhal Wife of Dr. Brijendra Singhal, Resident of 152/11, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur                                                                                                 ……….Appellant Versus 1. Chairman Rajasthan Housing Board, Bhagwan Das Road, Jaipur   2. Deputy Housing Commissioner Rajasthan Housing … Continue reading

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