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Repeated acquisition of land of the same family = whether by resorting to repeated acquisition of the properties belonging to the same person, the State is not acting contrary to the dictates of Article 14 of the Constitution. This question was answered in the affirmative.= The real question is not whether the petitioners will be left with 4 or 5 acres of land or a bit more or, that whether they are running some business or not. where there was no other possibility of providing house sites to the persons displaced in a project and the acquisition is found so inevitable, such cases may fall under exceptions, warranting acquisition of the properties belonging to the same family more than once. = The State and its Officials should display a reasonable and rational attitude in dealing with the properties of the private citizens As held by the Division Bench in K.Ramulu (cited supra), in the quest for providing house sites to one section of poor people, others cannot be ruined. The petitioners have succeeded in proving that acquisition of their lands is not inevitable in the face of availability of the land admeasuring Ac.5-20 cents comprised in Survey No.449 belonging to Mente Narayana Swamy. Such being the admitted position, I do not find any justification, whatsoever, in the action of the respondents in insisting on acquisition of the petitioners’ land.

reported in/published  inhttp:// * The Hon’ble Sri Justice C.V.Nagarjuna Reddy   + Writ Petition No.1449 of  2010   % Date: 21-12-2011 Between: # Thumurouthu Mallikarjuna Rao and another ….. Petitioners AND   $ 1.The State of Andhra Pradesh, Rep. by its Secretary, Revenue (L.A.) Secretariat, Hyderabad and 4 others. …..Respondents ^ Counsel for the Petitioners:                                  Mr.S.Subba Reddy ! Counsel for … Continue reading

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